Core beliefs


1.We believe less is more
We insist on hiring the right people so we provide staff training to make certain the service quality of each store is consistent. We insist on using the right ingredients and materials so we select our suppliers with caution before working with them. From the storefront decorations to the beverage packaging, we insist on infusing the concept of Zen. All of these efforts are to enhance our brand.
For the business enterprise, sustainable management can only be possible through team efforts. Mutual support and assistance are requisite for either branch management or corporate headquarters.

3.Good business
In terms of product selections, we emphasize the aspects of health and nature with the aim of pushing the boundary of market and providing more select merchandise.

4.Good business
We always treat every person and matter from our heart in our business dealings. We convey our corporate culture through kindness and gratitude.


Core values


Brand story

A smooth, glossy pebble is the finished product of various times of reshaping and honing, which is comparable to the birth of Oregin. An entire year was spent on the preparation of Oregin. During the year, I visited a lot of places. While I visited Phoenix Valley, Nantou, Taiwan, out of curiosity I asked an elderly master about Teaism and why he collected so many pebbles. “Every rock is one of a kind and hard to come by. It takes years of honing to change a sharp-edged rock to a round-edged one, let alone a pebble,” he replied with delight. I was deeply impressed by the exchange and it just so happened that I had been racking my brains over a proper name for the store, hence the birth of Oregin. The totem of Oregin has a unique connotation. Along the trajectory on the stone comes into the shape of a dragon, which symbolizes “harmony.” The elderly master once said, “Drinking tea is like living your life. Both take time for one to understand the real taste. Dealing with things in a harmonious way is the best policy. Only by acquiring a peace of mind can one taste the sweetness in tea.”

Brand spirit

Practice what we preach; devote our heart and soul.
Oregin was established in March 2006. The founder loves tea so much that he decided to share the love with others, which is translated into a spiritual culture of “rules” and “heart”. The word, “rules,” means practicing what we preach while “heart” devoting our heart and soul. Tea is like a mirror, reflecting thoughts and hearts of tea makers. It is his love for tea and his willingness to share with his friends the taste of tea that he monitors the entire process of tea making with rigorous standards. Each step of the production is taken with the concept of LOHAS in mind and to the aim of realizing Teaism. Equal emphasis is placed on both health and environment in terms of ingredient selections and packaging materials.


Core Competence


1.Highly recognizable brand
  1. Unique storefront decorations exhibit the brand culture of Oregin.
  2. The brand logo is attractive enough to foster consumers’long-term trust in us.
  3. The decorations separate the dry units from the wet ones, with the countertop in the front and beverage service in the back, which differentiates us from other competitors in the industry.
2.Design features of the product
  1. Our bottles are made of Polypropylene for the sake of portability and environmental protection.
  2. Our bottles are reusable and entitle consumers to a discount of NT$6-dollar when reused.
3. Unique service quality
  1. We emphasize customer satisfaction and strive to better ourselves in terms of service quality.
  2. We provide friendly service and consistent quality to attract consumers.
4. Insistence on product quality
  1. We insist on making tea manually to preserve its freshness and original taste.
  2. To preserve the natural flavor of tea, we adopt a technology of making tea at a low temperature to maintain the quality of tea itself.
5. Well-rounded membership system
  1. We recruit members in a systematic way.
  2. We launch marketing events to offer members discounts on a regular basis.


How to join the Oregin’s franchise


Stage 1

participate in the Oregin’s orientation sessions.

Stage 2

fill out personal information and take tests on communication styles and emotional intelligence at the first interview.

Stage 3

discuss the terms in the contract and allow time to review the contract for a period of 10 days.

Stage 4

sign the contract officially and arrange time for training sessions.

Stage 5

training sessions begin and read through the training manual.

Stage 6

arrange time to learn in the designated direct branch stores.



Franchise process


1. Interviews

Following the orientation sessions, if you are interested in finding more about how to join the franchise, you may fill out the franchisee information form and mail it back to our mailbox. We will have our area manager contact you. Generally, we would like to understand franchisees’ backgrounds and plans for setting up a business. An in-depth interview will be conducted to gain mutual trust.

2. Explanation of the franchise contract

We will explain in detail the terms of the contract to make sure you understand your responsibilities and rights fully before you join the Oregin on the basis of mutual trust. After the explaining, we allow a review period of 10 days for the potential franchisees to consider the contract so as to uphold the rights of the franchisees.

3. Signing the franchise contract

Franchisees should arrange a time to sign the contract if they decide to join Oregin after careful evaluation. Franchisees should make the payment of the franchise fees and training session fees when signing the contract. Meanwhile, franchisees are required to confirm their schedules for receiving training.

4. Training sessions

Training sessions will last three to six months. They will focus on how to run and manage a branch store. On the 41st day, franchisees will learn about the process and general information of running a branch store. The following day, franchisees will be sent to a store to have hands-on practice. During the entire training sessions, there will be writing tests and hands-on exams. A week later, we will arrange an executive to have an interview with you. When the training sessions are over, franchisees will be introduced to each head of the departments for any future assistance and support in Oregin.

5. Location search and evaluation

After the training sessions cover the basics of running a store and are into the management stage, the search for a store location can begin. The head office will provide assistance and help in locating and assessing a venue. When the entire sessions are over, we will arrange a time to design and decorate the store.

6. Setting up the business and obtaining insurance

After signing the lease with the landlord, please register with the local government and apply for the business license and permit. Relevant information can be obtained at the accounting department. When the business license is approved, you may apply for insurance with the local health insurance bureau.

7. Starting trial operation till opening

During the store decoration, a foreman will be sent to oversee the decoration so as to enable the franchisees to concentrate on their training sessions. Meanwhile, the franchisees may arrange the hired staff to receive training at the direct branch stores for later operation consideration. During the trial operation, every step cannot be overlooked and must be taken seriously, from customer care, beverage quality to the issue of hygiene.



Franchise requirements


1. Franchise brand
Oregin Zen Beverages
2. Franchise information
3. Qualifications
People who are under the age of 40, capable of leading people, and have the qualities of being hardworking and able to practice what they preach are welcome to join us.
4. Training sessions
The number of people required for the training sessions is two, both of whom must meet the requirements for joining the franchise. The training sessions will last a period of three to six months.
5. The length of the contract
three years
6. Contact information
Please contact us at 886-977067907 or email us at
諮詢信箱 contact


I’d like to join the franchise.


We become a family of a lifetime once you join us.
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