A smooth, glossy pebble is the finished product of various times of reshaping and honing, which is comparable to the birth of Oregin. An entire year was spent on the preparation of Oregin. During the year, I visited a lot of places. While I visited Phoenix Valley, Nantou, Taiwan, out of curiosity I asked an elderly master about Teaism and why he collected so many pebbles. “Every rock is one of a kind and hard to come by. It takes years of honing to change a sharp-edged rock to a round-edged one, let alone a pebble,” he replied with delight. I was deeply impressed by the exchange and it just so happened that I had been racking my brains over a proper name for the store, hence the birth of Oregin. The totem of Oregin has a unique connotation. Along the trajectory on the stone comes into the shape of a dragon, which symbolizes“harmony.” The elderly master once said, “Drinking tea is like living your life. Both take time for one to understand the real taste. Dealing with things in a harmonious way is the best policy. Only by acquiring a peace of mind can one taste the sweetness in tea.”