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Why the name “Oregin”? A smooth, glossy pebble is the finished product of various times of reshaping and honing, which is comparable to the birth of Oregin. In 2007, we infused elements of health, LOHAS and Zen with our
How to store tea drinks?
  1. Oregin’s ingredients are natural and carefully selected. Our beverages taste best when consumed on the same day of purchase.
  2. A sealed bottle of drink can be stored for two days in the refrigerator at a temperature of 10°C.
  3. Once the bottle is opened, please consume the drink within two hours.
  4. Oregin’s eco bottles can resist the heat for as high as 100°C.
  5. Cold drinks make bottles easy to break, so please refrain from dropping the bottles to the ground.
If beverages are not put into the refrigerator immediately, how long can they stay fresh at a normal temperature? Tea should be consumed within two hours. If placed at a normal temperature for more than two hours, the tea is likely to ferment and go bad. Therefore, please store it in the refrigerator immediately.
How can I become a member of Oregin? What benefits does a member enjoy?

You may apply for membership with every Oregin branch store in Taiwan. Our staff members are readily available to serve you. An Oregin member is entitled to the following benefits:

  • A discount of 10% for all beverages when purchased in the store.
  • A discount of 21% for all beverages on membership days, namely 10th and 25th of every month, when purchased in the store./li>
  • A discount of 10% for all beverages delivered (must order more than NT$200). Every NT$30 worth of purchase will be rewarded a point.
  • Membership reward points can be redeemed for our peripheral products.
  • All of the purchase offers do not include tapioca pearls.
  • Membership cards are issued on an irregular basis and at a limited number.
  • Holders must present their membership cards to enjoy special offers when visiting stores and requesting delivery service.
  • Please do not leave your membership cards with the stores. Photos, copies, or QR code of the membership cards are not acceptable as valid proof of membership.
  • Please consult with the store staff for membership application, which costs NT$100.
  • Reissuing of the membership card due to loss of the card or damage to the bar code will be charged with NT$50.
  • Oregin reserves the right to adjust membership offers.

Should you have any problems with Oregin, please call our customer service hotline at 07-9560608.