Tea drinking combines tea and Zen, opening a window to the land of wisdom.

Drinking tea takes away drowsiness and hunger for meals, allowing one to concentrate on the studies of Zen and thereby enlighten himself. Tea drinking, if defined in a stiff, rigid sense, will lose the mystery surrounding Teaism and confine the imagination of tea drinkers; besides, the unique feeling arising from grasping the truth will be rendered tasteless. The meaning of tea drinking, to put it simply, can be described as sneaking a break from busy work, finding happiness in suffering, and enjoying a bit of beauty and harmony in reality, and all of which enable one to seize the meaning of eternality. However, every tea drinker has different interpretations with regards to tea drinking for they taste their tea with their heart and their feelings vary individually. The combination of tea and Zen is comparable to the moon reflected on the river, crystal clear and brightly illuminating.

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